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Biographies: Past and Current

Our guys are among the most talented! It would be an honor to put their extensive experience to work for you.

*Kenny 9-15-07

They took me in with no money, they worked with me, fed me and helped me in so many different ways. They are helping me find my spiritual self and a better way of living, loving and giving. Living in this house gives me hope, faith and courage.

Jerry W.

Like being thrown to the wolves, Lisa and Joel tood me in by way of a mutal friend and not knowing who I was or anything about me. This was a perfect setting for me knowing I needed stability and guidence if not I could easily be running a muck and when I run a muck bad things happen. So I'm safe here at home.


*Gary C. 12-3-07

Horrible Rotten and Bad, best describes me before I got clean and sober and I was on my way back to prison. I couldn't go on doing things the way I was doing them anymore. I came to the point where I was actually done! Today at 8 onths I am happier, my life is changing. Restoring relationships, learning responsibility, working with others and most important, learning how to Live!

*Dave W. 8- 23-06 Our longest resident, and he's still here, we love you Dave!

Life has changed 180 degrees! I'm not dissapointed with myself, but really happy with myself. Life is such a blessing since I found God. Living in this house is awesome. It gives me a chance to talk to other people about recovery which keeps me clean and sober.


Rick W.7-7-07

Joel and Lisa opened up the doors for me when everyone else was slamming them in my face. I now have a sense of worth and just took a cake for one year on July 6th 2008. They have both taught me how to run an honest program and ive life to it's fullest.

Gary T. working on 18 Months

Joel and Lisa provide a safe environment to give you everything you need, to begin living a life of recovery. The only thing you need to bring is a willingness to live the life that God has meant for you. Truly.

Jose P. 13 Months

Doing good and I feel better, better than before, not to worry about anything else like headaches or the DT's. Now I can go out in the world and face it without having the cravings for alcohol, as long as there is plenty of water!


*Scott W 12-25-07

CURRENT I was a hopeless addict and drunk! Pushing a shopping cart with no direction in life. I am now though the help of Joel and Lisa, and my willingness to work this program I've been given a direction in life in a way that I've never known before. Today I have real friends and real family who love me for what I am and for that I am truly grateful.


*Christian A. 4-6-08

Joel and Lisa took me in with no job, no maney and gave me a chance to get hired and to continue to go to meetings and turn my life around and it's been one of the best things to ever happen in my life, Sincerely.


Gary 10-10-10

Before comming here, my life for the past year and a half was an endless repeating cycle of going into the hospital for 2 weeks, comming out to start dirinking/using within 2 or 3 days and 2 weeks later back in the hospital so the last time I found this sober living at Central Office and have been here for 1 month, sober and clean for 6 weeks actually resolving problems and from Lisa and Joel endless love and support.

Damon 9-27-10

I can't remember my bottom, i wasn't living life i was existing in the bottom of a bottle. Two kind souls Robert and Rhett showed up on my door and rescued me from that bottle took me to the hospital so that i would not die then brought me to joel and Lisa's where i was given a safe comfortable safe to begin my recovery and to get my life back..if they hadn't brought me hear i would undoubtly be drunk right now and quite possibly dead.Now i have a place where i am surrounded with love and caring and people who understand where i am comming from and a starting place and a foundation to begin a new.

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